UKIP – If we die, so does Brexit!

In an article published recently, it was suggested that now was the time to let UKIP die.

The crux of the piece was this: ‘whilst we should be grateful for everything UKIP has done, they’ve had their day and can no longer deliver anything on Brexit’. The suggestion was that instead, we all leave UKIP and join the Tory party to infiltrate from within, Momentum style!

Sadly, I remember all too well the snap election last year, when UKIP decided to stand down against a swathe of Conservatives around the country to “help deliver Brexit”. The premise was a sound one. Allow May & Co a clear run for a majority that could then deliver what we’d all campaigned for – simple!

What was missing from the grand plan was the realisation that hundreds of thousands of people who believe in Brexit wouldn’t touch the Tories with somebody else’s barge pole! They all had their reasons – tribal, trust or tradition –  but ultimately they all realised something that we seemed to momentarily lose sight of. Whatever the problem might be, the Tories are never the solution to it.

The papers over the weekend were riddled with articles outlining the countless ways in which Brexit is going horribly wrong. We had Jacob Rees Mogg breaking cover, and former Cabinet Minister Theresa Villiers saying that the direction of travel over the last year has gone only one way, “towards the dilution of Brexit”.

The Donald commented on the other Theresa’s negotiating skills (or lack thereof) and how he would rightly be much tougher were he in her shoes. Whatever your views on President Trump, he’s a Leader who is clearly willing to put his country first and nobody in UKIP would criticise him for that!

The Sunday Telegraph also raised growing concerns over allegations that civil servants who opposed Brexit are working to force the democratically elected government, led by a weak Prime Minister, into a “soft Brexit”. The government themselves are trying to water down the EU Withdrawal Bill because they’re in fear of getting thumped in the Commons.

As I said, whatever the problem might be, the Tories are never the solution. There is a reason that so many who left us a year ago to join the ‘blue brigade’ are now returning; they quickly discovered that the Tories don’t understand, they don’t believe and they’re in no way worthy of our trust when it comes to delivering our nation’s independence. Let’s not forget, it was them who gave it away in the first place.

Moreover, we now know from bitter experience that what makes UKIP unique is that we really are a refuge for the disenchanted from across the political spectrum. I wouldn’t want to guess how many former Labour or LibDem members we have in our party but I can guarantee it to be a substantial number. You’d have a greater chance of getting them to join the Temperance League than the Tories!

UKIP remains by far and away the largest grassroots organisation prepared to campaign on the ground for a real Brexit, and the kind of separation from the EU that our country voted for and future generations need. UKIP’s involvement isn’t simply preferable, it’s a necessity.

It is blindingly obvious that the time we’ve spent navel-gazing post Referendum has allowed the Remain establishment to take a stranglehold on Britain’s future. We can still save it, and we must.

As somebody who has seen firsthand the brilliance of our party and its members, I can say with absolute authority that the way we guarantee Brexit is not by becoming Tories, but by rebuilding UKIP!

It is clear from everything we read over the weekend, that UKIP must – not should, but MUST – return to the streets to lead the campaign to ensure that Brexit happens. We have much to do to make our party better, more effective, better organised – but if we take our eye off the ball, we will betray the 17.4 million people who trusted us to give them their country back.

We all know the value of the UKIP brand, and how hard it would be to replicate.

Instead, now is the time for anybody who believes in Brexit to come together and work with us in rebuilding the consortium that delivered Brexit; let UKIP sort itself out and develop as it should, with our motivated membership leading the charge in delivering the proper, full-throated Brexit that Jacob Rees-Mogg, Theresa Villiers and others are calling for – and only UKIP’s electoral threat can actually deliver.

Kind Regards

Paul Oakden

Interim Chairman


UKIP Conference – What to take away

Good morning,

I wasn’t at the conference, though I ruddy wish I had been.

Why? Well, new leader, new direction, new logo. Personally, I feel optimistic for UKIP’s future, and haven’t felt this positive since the referendum was called.

So, what are the two main points to take away, see below, and happy reading.

New Leader

Yes! The lengthy leadership election of 2017 is over, and our new leader is Henry BOLTON OBE. The results for the Leadership election were as follows:
7th – Aiden Powlesland – 85 votes 0.65%
6th – Jane Collins – 566 votes 4.4%
5th – Peter Whittle – 1413 votes 10.9%
4th – John Rees Evans – 2021 votes 15.6%
3rd – David Kurten – 2201 votes 17%
2nd – Anne Marie Waters – 2755 votes 21.3%
1st – Henry Bolton – 3874 votes 29.9%

You can see Henry Boltons first press conference below.

New Logo

UKIP – For the Nation
Great Britain. United Kingdom. Sovereign State
This is the party’s new branding, as voted for at conference.


“The Lion is alert, he is watchful and ready to roar, his mane reflects the shape of the union flag, he looks out and forwards with energy and purpose.”

Expect to see this logo on future UKIP merchandise and literature. As you can tell, North Norfolk was ahead of the curve, adopting this new logo within 5 minutes of it’s announcement at conference on it’s online profiles.

Out Now campaign – launching soon!


We should be out now!

On 23 June 2016 the British people voted by a majority of 1.3 million to Leave the EU. It was the largest democratic decision ever taken in this country.

The Government was charged with negotiating our exit, by March 2019. They have met the EU’s demands at every stage, offering to

• Extend their control over us by several years

• Keep paying them billions every year

• Keep our borders open for years more

• And give their court a right to meddle in our laws

The Labour and Lib-Dem parties both go along with this.

Still, the EU will not start negotiating in good faith. They want to punish us for taking our country back.

We say enough is enough. We should be OUT NOW

We should repeal the 1972 European Communities Act, withdraw from the negotiations and invite the EU to come back when they are ready to talk sensibly about mutual trading arrangements.

Only pressure from UKIP forced the Government to give us a referendum. Only pressure from UKIP got our country back. Only pressure from UKIP can make sure it happens now.

Send a message to the Government now, by signing up to support the OUT NOW campaign. Tell Mrs. May, Mr. Corbyn, Mr. Blair and Mr. Clegg this:

“We want to be fully out of the EU by March 2019, controlling our own borders, making our own laws, and spending our money on ourselves. No payment of ransom, no more open borders, no UK jurisdiction for European courts, no ‘transition’ period.

“Do it, or we will punish your parties at the ballot box.”

checked-checkbox-512.png   I will JOIN the UKIP People’s Army to ensure Brexit happens

checked-checkbox-512.jpg   I will help get our country back, with a donation

checked-checkbox-512.png   Find out more about how to come OUT NOW

checked-checkbox-512.jpg   Find out more about UKIP at

UKIP Leadership Election 2017 Timetable

We’re happy to announce the UKIP Leadership Election 2017 timetable:

  • 23 June – Nominations open with the nomination form being advertised on the Party website.
  • 28 July – Close of nominations
  • 11 August – Final date for receipt of withdrawals
  • 12 August Candidates announced
  • 30 AugustUKIP Norfolk Leadership Hustings
  • 1st – 8th September –  Ballots posted
  • 29th September – Announcement of new Party Leader

We will keep you, the membership, up to date with all the candidates once they’re made public and confirmed on 12th August (day after withdrawals close).

Source: myukip

UKIP Quiz Night


To celebrate a year after our monumental vote to Leave the EU, we’re having a celebratory quiz night!

24th June 2017 starts at 7pm at Friendship Hall, Aylsham NR11 6EB
Along Cawston Road, opp. Garage And Feathers Public House.

£ 7.00 per person includes fish and chips!

Tables of 4, with the Fish and Chips at half time (Vegetarian option available by request).

Bring Your Own Wine / drink / glasses / salt and vinegar

Contact Mike Davies to book your table 01263 732174.