NOT COMPATIBLE: Democracy and the European Union

Dear Sir,

I agree with Harry Mirfield [letters 12 January] that on paper the EU is for the most part constituted in such a way to follow a democratic process.
In practice however there is no will for this to happen and the sheer weight of paper results in most of the laws, rules and regulations being passed “on the nod”.
More importantly it should be noted that the EU is controlled by the Commissioners who are appointed by the member states and it is they who instigate most of the legislation.
The ordinary people have no direct power to remove these individuals.

David Ramsbotham


Do Politicians have any principles?

Dear Sir,

I note from the EDP [12 January] that Norman Lamb in supporting Sadiq Khan’s views on the European Union is, regardless of the will of his constituents and the people of Britain, still trying to frustrate the Brexit process.  Perhaps Mr Lamb could please explain what exactly it is about democracy, freedom and the right to control our own destiny, as fought for by our forefathers in two world wars, which he appears not to understand.

Yours faithfully,

David Ramsbotham

Do Politicians have any principles?

In the EDP just before Christmas Norman Lamb stated “In terms of Norfolk in 2018 the first duty is the representation of people in my constituency“.

Could he therefore please explain how he and his party, which has “Democrat” in its name and is resolute in its belief of elected representation, can even contemplate ignoring the will of the people regarding Brexit or using the House of Lords to frustrate the leaving process.

Also I could never understand why the LibDems would wish to be part of the EU in the first place bearing in mind that it is controlled by unelected bureaucrats.

Yours faithfully,

David Ramsbotham

AGM Notification – 2018

Dear Member,
Please find attached, both the Agenda for the AGM on Thursday 18th January 2018 (6.30pm) and the Minutes of last year’s meeting.  Please bring both Agenda and Minutes to the meeting.  Many thanks.
We mustn’t forget UKIP’s success in achieving the Referendum with a result which had taken years of hard work and dedication from all of you.  Let’s not throw it away..
We look forward to seeing you on the 18th!
Irene Ramsbotham
UKIP North Norfolk Branch

Christmas Dinner

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Nights are certainly drawing in, and that means that shopping needs to be done, trees erected (though not in November, please!) and turkeys fattened up!

That’s right, Christmas is on it’s way! 

We invite you to join us to celebrate Christmas at the Black Boys Hotel situated in Aylsham on Sunday, 10th December.

If you want to come, please contact Irene Ramsbotham either by email or by phoning 01263 577418.

The menu can be found by clicking here.

Meet the Leader in Great Yarmouth


Exclusive, Members-Only Opportunity to Meet UKIP Leader Henry Bolton

We are contacting you to invite you to book your tickets for the Meet The Leader event in Great Yarmouth with Henry Bolton this week:

Great Yarmouth Racecourse
Jellicoe Road
Great Yarmouth
NR30 4AU

Thursday 2 November, from 6pm to 10pm
Tickets are still available for this exclusive event open to 100 UKIP members. Please book your ticket at:

Refreshments will be available on arrival, thanks to Stuart Agnew for providing these!