Brexiter challenges remainers to publicly debate him on the hottest issue of the day

A passionate north Norfolk Brexit supporter has challenged anyone in favour of the UK staying in the European Union to a public debate.

Steven de la Salle, of Sheringham, said he was tired of “ridiculously negative letters from EU supporters” appearing in the press.

Mr de la Salle said: “The comment last week about a vote to leave being a vote for unemployment is disgraceful. In fact, we now have record employment in the UK.”

The Ukip member said he wanted to publicly debate anyone in favour of the UK staying in the EU: “no matter if Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem or Green”, and suggested holding the event in a community centre in Sheringham or Cromer.

Mr de la Salle said members of the public would be invited to attend and ask questions.

Anyone interested in taking part in the debate can email him at

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£50 star letter in the Sun

We are a great country. Politicians should stop talking us down. The future outside this dying EU project will be bright.

Let’s offer the EU a free trade deal or fall back on World Trade Organisation terms.

But if we instead opt for a “Canada plus” deal – in other words, a better EU trade deal than Canada has – I suppose we could export Bank of England governor Mark Carney as a bonus? A win-win situation then!

Steven de la Salle

The Sun – Published 19 September 2018

What would vote to remain in EU mean?

Dear Sir,

There are two serious errors in Katrina Lawrence’s letter [NNN 13 September]. Nigel Farage is not calling for a second referendum and the High Court has now ruled that the Electoral Commission misinterpreted the law when fining Vote Leave over its handling of expenses during the referendum.

So Katrina and other Remainers want a second referendum. To enable me to make a meaningful decision could they please explain exactly what I would be voting for if I decided to remain in the EU.

Would I be voting for new countries like Albania and Turkey to be included or for a European police force and army? Would I be voting for further dictatorial central control or giving countries the ability to take unilateral decisions like Germany inviting 1 million immigrants to settle in the EU?

All I do know is that back in 1975 the British people voted to remain in a trading group and what we have ended up with is the undemocratic super state of Europe. If we fail to leave the EU now I dread to think what the future will hold as it will be completely out of our control.

Yours faithfully,

David Ramsbotham

North Norfolk News – Published 27 September 2018

Do they think aliens voted to leave the European Union

Dear Sir,

Only supporters of the E.U. could call it undemocratic to not hold a re-run of the referendum (dressed up as a “people’s vote”) before the result of the last one is even implemented! The people voted in 2016. Who do they think did, aliens? ​

Nobody ever voted for this project. In 1975 we joined a “common market,” which was all about trade at a time of high global tariffs. We didn’t vote for this out-of-control political union. We had to wait 41 years for our voices to be heard again – let’s wait another 41 before going back to the polls. But the E.U. (in my honest opinion) will be long gone by then. And good riddance! ​

Don’t forget that both main parties stood in last year’s snap general election on pro-Brexit manifestos. Lib Dems were the pro-EU/remain party and won a whopping… 12 seats. It says an awful lot! ​

Ask yourself this though: If the E.U. is so great, then why haven’t the citizens in every member state been offered fair referenda to give consent to the project? It was only the rise of UKIP that forced one here. If it’s so marvellous, surely people will dash to polling stations filled with joy to support it! I think this says it all.​

We saw what happened when our friends in Ireland voted “NO!” They were bullied into voting again. But this will not happen to the UK. We have always stood up to bullies.

Hand on heart, I truly believe the UK will thrive as a proud, independent, self-governing nation. In fact, I think the future will be so bright that we might have to wear sunglasses, permanently!​

Yours faithfully

​Steven de la Salle​

North Norfolk News – Published 13 September 2018

Beware Brexit vote backlash

Dear Sir,

I wonder if the ruling classes have realised that their support to overturn the people’s vote for Brexit could, if successful, be the death knell for majority governments for the Tory party.  Many conservative voters would defect to UKIP and other parties resulting in future administrations which would be less sympathetic to the establishment’s elitist regime.  Could this be a classic case of “shooting yourself in the foot”?

Yours faithfully,

David Ramsbotham

Eastern Daily Press – Published 13 September 2018