What would vote to remain in EU mean?

Dear Sir,

There are two serious errors in Katrina Lawrence’s letter [NNN 13 September]. Nigel Farage is not calling for a second referendum and the High Court has now ruled that the Electoral Commission misinterpreted the law when fining Vote Leave over its handling of expenses during the referendum.

So Katrina and other Remainers want a second referendum. To enable me to make a meaningful decision could they please explain exactly what I would be voting for if I decided to remain in the EU.

Would I be voting for new countries like Albania and Turkey to be included or for a European police force and army? Would I be voting for further dictatorial central control or giving countries the ability to take unilateral decisions like Germany inviting 1 million immigrants to settle in the EU?

All I do know is that back in 1975 the British people voted to remain in a trading group and what we have ended up with is the undemocratic super state of Europe. If we fail to leave the EU now I dread to think what the future will hold as it will be completely out of our control.

Yours faithfully,

David Ramsbotham

North Norfolk News – Published 27 September 2018