Confusion over second referendum calls

Dear Sir,

So Remainers want a second referendum.  To enable me to make a meaningful decision could they please explain exactly what I would be voting for if I decided to remain in the EU.

Would I be voting for new countries like Albania and Turkey to be included or for a European police force and army?  Would I be voting for further dictatorial central control or giving countries the ability to take unilateral decisions like Germany inviting 1 million immigrants to settle in the EU?

All I do know is that back in 1975 the British people voted to join a trading group and what we have ended up with is the undemocratic super state of Europe.  If we fail to leave the EU now I dread to think what the future will hold as it will be completely out of our control.

Yours faithfully,

David Ramsbotham

Eastern Daily Press – Published 17 August 2018