Proud and Principled Ideals

Dear Sir,

As an avid reader of the EDP letters page I note that the Remainers are for ever banging on about the doubtful economic benefits of staying in the authoritarian EU.   While the Establishment and its puppets could possibly be better off any increased wealth would, as in the past, never find its way further down the ladder to ordinary hard working people.   More importantly what the Remainers fail to grasp is that the majority of Leavers voted this way because they are proud principled British people who believe in democracy, freedom and the right to be in control of their own destiny with no regard whatsoever to their own financial wellbeing. These are exactly the same ideals which moved our forefathers to fight and sacrifice their lives in two World Wars.

Yours faithfully,

David Ramsbotham

Eastern Daily Press – Published 2nd April 2018