AGM Results!

Following a very well attended AGM, with in excess of 20 people there, the committee was elected as follows:

The AGM was chaired by Jeff Parkes.

Chairman – Alexander Wood, replacing Terry Comber (who stepped down in September 2017 and had since been represented by David Platt)
SecretaryIrene Ramsbotham returns to the role
TreasurerMichael Baker returns to the role
Membership SecretaryRowena Wood returns to the role

Also returning to the committee as a member without profile is John Dymond.


Alexander Wood made this statement:

Alex WoodDear Members,

I would like to thank all those members who turned out for the AGM on Thursday evening, it was good to see so many there. I think everyone enjoyed it and there were some interesting discussions. Also thank you for voting for me to be your new chairman.

I would like to take this opportunity at this time to thank our previous chairman Terry Comber for all the hard work he has done for the branch over the years. Thanks must also go to the other members of the committee, in particular Michael Baker our treasurer and secretary Irene Ramsbotham,  without whose tireless work over the years I don’t think our branch would function.

As I am sure you are all very much aware, we are going through a very troubled period in our party’s history. I know we have lost a lot of members since the referendum, and I am sure many of you are thinking of doing the same. I would just like to urge you to stick with us and see how we come out of this mess. With the way Brexit is going, or not going, there is more than ever a need for someone to stop Brexit being watered down or reversed. UKIP along with Nigel Farage got us referendum, and we have to be there to see it through.  I hope this present shambles can be quickly resolved and we can start doing our proper job and pushing the government for that good exit from the EU that benefits Britain.

After the formalities were dealt with, members were treated to food and treats, including homemade steak pies, brownies and scones!