Re: ‘Private finance deal in spotlight as shareholders named’


Re: ‘Private finance deal in spotlight as shareholders named’, EDP 31st August.

As much as we may be unhappy with the level of profits that are being made at the expense of the NHS it is too easy to blame the private firms.

They were asked by Government to do a job that Government was unable to do and their contract lawyers negotiated with Government contract lawyers. If Government could not strike a good deal it is hardly the fault of private firms.

One must also ask why the public sector could not build these hospitals. The EU had decreed that our budget deficit could not exceed 3% of GDP. So foreign authorities had told our Government they could not make this expenditure. Gordon Brown, our Prime Minister of the time, leant on the private sector, PFI was the outcome.

We must be aware that the current situation with PFI contracts is a direct result of EU legislation.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Baker
UKIP North Norfolk Treasurer