UKIP Norfolk Hustings – A branch report

Chairman Michael Baker opening proceedings

UKIP Norfolk Hustings
A report for branches in Norfolk

Firstly, a massive thanks to those who attended. BBC reckons we had in excess of 100, but I think it was roughly 80 we had in the room. This tallies with other hustings that have been held up and down the country.

We had most of the candidates there or being represented, Ben Walker pulled out last moment due to unforeseen circumstances, John Rees Evans was represented by Neville Watson, and Henry Bolton by David Allen.

It was a lively evening, we got as many questions in as possible but due to the sheer amount of candidates on stage, (8 in total), there were time constraints for answering questions.

The hustings were I think a success and this is down not only to hard work from myself but also the professional chairing by Michael Baker, who I thank for biting the bullet on this one!

Now, the important bit. We had a donations bucket at the bottom of the room and all in all garnered donations totalling £98.20. This will be divided equally between the branches.

I think in UKIP every penny helps, so if you were at the hustings and ‘chipped in’, then I thank you sincerely.

Anyway, there is a BBC East video (they weren’t in the hustings but were after and before) on Youtube.

Thanks for supporting this event, and for attending.

Jack Smith
Eastern Region Treasurer