UKIP National Conference 2017 in Torquay


UKIP Conference 2017 heads to Torquay in September. 

You can get your tickets here.

After the seismic events of the last June and the surprise General Election that followed there is an understandable desire to see our party refreshed, restructured and reformed.

Members are very aware that we need to present a powerful and coherent proposition to the electorate going forward; there is a real appetite for a more direct member contribution to policy-making; and we need to reconfigure our organisation around the country to reflect the new challenges we face.

These plans but they are now underway in earnest. In the next few weeks we will be sending out an Independence News giving an update on progress.

Now I want to take you forward three months to the conclusion of the process, and the presentation of the results of all this work – our National Autumn Conference in September.

On September 29 – 30 we will see a fresh, energised UKIP relaunch itself with a raft of key policies delivered by our spokesmen, a new mission, look-and-feel and sense of purpose. This conference really will be our chance to make clear our vision for Britain in a post-Brexit era, and I’m writing to invite you to be a part of it.

Return to the Glorious English Riviera

We will come together in the English Riviera, at Torquay’s excellent Riviera International Conference Centre, site of several very successful UKIP Conferences in recent years. This really is a fantastic venue, with the purpose-built Conference Hall, Expo Hall and fringe meetings rooms all close together, excellent hotels close by and the attractions of Torquay – including some superb seafood restaurants – outside the door.