Our General Election campaign is now suspended for the day

The barbarity of what took place in Manchester last night, a deliberate attack on our children leaves us feeling sick and outraged. 
Whilst we are still waiting for confirmation as to who was responsible for this atrocity, the news that supporters of Islamic State were celebrating the murder of our young people fills us with utter revulsion. This evil needs to understand our determination to protect our freedom and way of life from their twisted ideology – they will not succeed.

Our thoughts and prayers are now with all those affected by these dreadful events.

Once again we are left humbled and grateful to the brave men and women of our emergency services, who raced towards danger with their unwavering commitment to save life, treat the injured and protect the public.

As an MEP for the North West, Manchester is part of my home Region and is a city I know well. The warmth and resilience of its people shone through in the hours after the attack and will continue to do so in the difficult days ahead. We all stand with them.

Paul Nuttall