A press release regarding the General Election

The following Press Release was issued by the Chairman:

To achieve our aim of leaving the EU, the UKIP North Norfolk branch will urge all members and supporters to lend their vote in the General Election to the Conservative Candidate.
UKIP will not be fielding a candidate in this constituency as we believe our 8300 votes in the last election lent to the Tories is the only way for the 60% of residents who voted to leave to have their voice heard.

For those who wish to meet the Tory PPC, James Wild, he will be at the hustings at
24th May at 7pm Stalham Baptist Church, (NR12 9AZ)
2nd June at 7.30pm at Cromer Church, (NR27 9HH)
6th June at 7pm at Stalham Baptist Church, (NR12 9AZ)