Is this just a token gesture?

I am shocked to see that some of the ‘child’ refugees arriving in the UK over the last few days look to actually not be children at all, but instead have the appearance of 25+ year old adults.
My concern is that there are likely many children in ‘the jungle’ who are in serious need of a home, whether in foster care or with a loving family member, in the UK.
These children have been robbed of this opportunity by those adults who’ve been lying about their age and are getting into the UK, seemingly unchecked.
This leads me to believe that this is a token gesture from the Govt, and that the well being of real child refugees is not at the forefront of the PMs mind.
One other question comes to mind: Were these ‘children’ to be found committing a crime in the UK, would they be tried as a minor?

Jack Smith
Chairman UKIP North Norfolk

(image used under CC BY-SA 4.0 – Credit to Amirah Breen)