Norman, will you give us answers?

Dear Norman Lamb MP,

I am appalled and concerned at the number of refugees being allowed to come to the UK from Calais and seeing that they are all young men not the ‘children’ that we were told were coming. I’d be very interested in knowing exactly who is responsible for choosing these people and if they are charity workers, what vetting process do they undertake?

We were led to believe that they were vulnerable children, not fully grown males so where are the ‘children’ the really young and the girls? Up to now there have been no sign of them and I believe that we’re being taken for ride, once again.

I’d also like to know exactly what checks are done to prove who their relatives are, are DNA tests carried out and if not, why not? Also what checks are done to find out their true age, this should be one of the conditions that is applied to come here, no test, no passport!
I have great concerns that they are going to be a risk if placed in schools with our children.

When I consider all the checks and the amount of security we endure at the airports and we are allowing vast amounts of men of unknown age/nationality/criminal records/background here without checks then I know we have completely lost the plot.

We did not vote for Brexit just to see half the Calais jungle population being allowed to enter our country by deception

I ask you, will you make my concerns and questions to the relevant  bodies concerned known?

Yours sincerely,
Lynette and Terry Comber