Letter to Nigel Farage from North Norfolk Branch of UKIP


Jack Smith
22nd July 2016

Dear Nigel,

I’m writing on behalf of all members of UKIP North Norfolk, to thank you for your work as our UKIP. You’ve helped us, in North Norfolk, and many like us get the determination, and the attitude to stand up and do what we feel is right.

It was because of you, and your leadership of UKIP that drove us to get out there, into local and national politics, to force real change, to challenge existing norms and the establishment.

In particular, in North Norfolk, we achieved a large 17.8% majority to Leave the European Union. We are glad we’ve got our country back; we will regain independence, and be able to establish ourselves again as a major power in the world.

But, we’re also conscious that the work is not yet over, our next job is to hold the Government to account, and make sure that the people’s will shall be carried out. We in North Norfolk are ready for any outcome, and look forward to facing problems head on.

Thank you, again, for all the work you’ve put into this party, and well done from all of us on the successes you have achieved, after 20 years, they’re very well deserved.

Yours Sincerely,

Jack Smith
North Norfolk Branch Chairman