Letter to Norman Lamb MP

el-nino-y-el-agua-de-la-baneraDear Norman Lamb,

For some years now I have been writing to you about the EU, its democratic deficit and other areas where our sovereignty has been at risk.
Now we have held a democratically structured referendum that indicates nearly 4% of voters who bothered to turn out were in favour of leaving the EU.
Noting that there is disarray in Westminster at this time and that the legal niceties of Article 50 and / or the repeal of the ECA have yet to be agreed upon I am appealing to you to stand by your voters and forget parliamentary democracy in favour of true democracy and put your support and vote behind the leave legislation that will almost certainly have to pass through parliament.
Your reputation in North Norfolk is an excellent one that can only be enhanced if you support the significant majority of voters in our area.

Yours sincerely,

Jeff Parkes

From Jack Smith:

It’s worth noting that North Norfolk voted to leave, with a 17.8% majority to leave the EU.