Referendum & Article 50

The Favourite Candidate – Theresa May


Why are the government procrastinating over implementing the decision of the electorate to leave the EU?

David Cameron has decided to resign, and said that Article 50 should be triggered by his successor.

This has led to a contest to replace him which will drag on into the autumn, with a possible date of October being mentioned. The new leader may then plan to get his, or her, position ratified by a general election. They don’t have to, but my guess is that they will in order to further delay the decision. The favourite to replace Mr Cameron at the moment is ‘remain’ enthusiast Theresa May; no prizes for guessing why.

By convention general elections over the winter are unusual, therefore it may not commence until the spring of 2017 with a possible date of the first Thursday in April.

The trouble is that Article 50 must be triggered no later than March 31st, 2017 or leaving the EU becomes virtually impossible and the democratic decision taken by the majority of the electorate will have been ignored.

Our one hope now is that a genuine ‘leaver’ such as Dr Fox wins the leadership contests and triggers Article 50 as soon as possible afterwards, but that is not very likely.

We in UKIP have said all along that you just can’t trust the Tories over the EU and in this pathetic attempt to, once again, hoodwink the electorate and derail democracy it seems we maybe right.

Yours faithfully,

UKIP Councillor Michael Baker
Holt Division
Church Farm, West Beckham