British People Chose Sovereignty


I would refer the numerous younger persons who complain about us oldies depriving them of their future to the position in Southern Europe. In the European Union, Greece, Italy and Spain in particular, youth unemployment rates are around 50-60%. Even in France and Germany one in four young people are unemployed. Record levels of immigration mean that all our basic requirements, school, surgery, housing and hospital beds are difficult to come by. Laws and freedoms dating back centuries, we used to take for granted, are disappearing with the rise of EU regulation.

The EU is a political project which is heading towards ever closer union and potential disintegration. Far from robbing the youth of their freedom we have saved them from this out-dated political project.

Whilst Boris and his entourage claim victory it is indeed UKIP and Nigel Farage who over the years campaigned for, and finally secured, the referendum. Then it was the British public who voted in favour of British sovereignty.

Yours faithfully

UKIP Councillor Michael Baker

Holt Division
Church Farm, West Beckham