This is what the EU has planned for us..


Source: Daily Mail, written by Daniel Hannan MEP:

  1. Banning Hair-Dryers
    “Postpone it until Autumn” Finnish commissioner Jyrki Katanien’s response when the media started ridiculing the idea of banning high-energy dishwashers, hair-dryers, and other household appliances.
  2. Bigger Budget
    Mid-term review of the EU’s seven-year budget was due, but postponed to convenient time after our referendum. Why? Because the EU has admitted it has unpaid bills amounting to €24.7bn, or £19.6bn. That’s an additional £2.4bn for the United Kingdom.
  3. Open Borders
    The EU free movement rules will still apply when countries such as Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Turkey join. David Cameron failed to secure anything blocking this in his renegotiation.
  4. More Bail-Outs
    We had an agreement saying that we don’t need to pay into bailouts for failing Eurozone members. But, in 2015, we were forced to loan Greece £600mn. Why? The EU scrapped that agreement, when it became a nuisance. This is a perfect example of the EU and its disdain for democracy, and general decency.
  5. Deeper integration
    The EUs answer to crisis is: more EU. The 5 President’s Report published in 2015 calls for the harmonisation of budgets, economic policy and taxation, as well as elements of social security. While in response to the Euro Crisis, these rules will apply to all 28 members of the EU.
  6. Human Rights
    European Court of Justice (ECJ) extended powers to human rights, this goes over the UK courts. We cannot now deport convicted criminal and non EU national Abu Hamza’s daughter-in-law, due to her son being an EU national.
  7. Art import licences
    London is the centre of the global trade in fine arts, bringing in billions in revenue. Its competitors are New York, Geneva and Hong Kong. Britain has already been disadvantaged by the EU’s application of VAT to fine arts sales, and now, London has more to contend with in the pipeline. The plans for an EU Import Licensing regime, which Anthony Browne, chairman of the British Art Market Federation, says: ‘Our big concern is that an import licence system would impose a new and very damaging burden on the British art market which is heavily dependent on cross-border trading.’
  8. Wrecking our ports
    The EU Parliament has voted to force ports to have one provider for all internal services (mooring, dredging, unloading etc). This makes sense for state owned operations, by British ports are often private, small, and in competition with one another. Everyone agrees that the measure will deter investment. Every British port operator and every trade union opposes it and every British MEP, from the Greens to Ukip, voted against it. Deferred for now, it will come back after the referendum.
  9. Quotas for online TV
    The EU Commission wants online providers to reserve 20% of their content for European programmes, which should be ‘given good visibility’. If the EU made good TV, we’d be watching it. It’s not our fault american programs such as Game of Thrones, Walking Dead and Friends are so popular, (and so many are acted by British actors).
  10. A European Army
    The Liberal group leader, Guy Verhofstadt, has supported the creation of an EU army. That’s the same group our Lib Dem colleagues are part of. The Remainers say this isn’t on the cards, but they don’t rule Europe, the Commission does.

Source: Daily Mail, written by Daniel Hannan MEP