Australian Style Points System



The ‘In’ camp are criticising the idea of an Australian style points system of border control into the UK, because the Australians take in more migrants than us.

Let’s just look at some facts: Australia’s land mass covers 7.692 million km2. That’s 31.4 times the size of the United Kingdom. The population of Australia in 2013 is 23.13 million, in the UK it’s 64.1 million. Australia is a young country, and (while having a developed economy) has so much potential for expansion. To do this, it needs migrants to fill opening positions, as new businesses are formed, and manufacturing booms. But the crucial part is, it can control all of its migration.

The UK cannot do this, while it’s a member of the EU, which in turn discriminates against migration from outside the common market.

It’s time to Leave this protectionist, isolationist and ever federalising EU, while still enjoying the wealth of talent and culture that controlled migration can bring us.


Jack Smith
UKIP North Norfolk Chairman
Vote Leave Constituency Coordinator