Democracy is the Key Issue

David RamsbothamDear Sir,

As a member of UKIP I agree with the Green Party [letters NNN 19 May] that the election of MEPs for the European Parliament is more democratic than the election of our own MPs.  Had the proportional representation system applied in the UK at the last general election UKIP would have more than 80 MPs instead of just one.

The flaw in their argument arises however because the European Parliament has manifested itself as a “rubber stamping” or at best an “amending” body for legislation passed down from the Commissioners [an unelected body] or the European Council.  It is very important to note that Britain’s influence under this complicated system is ineffectual and has resulted in defeat on nearly every occasion when trying to defend our national interests.

The other problem with democracy within the EU is that one country can act unilaterally affecting all member states without seeking their agreement.  A recent example of this is Germany inviting one million immigrants to its country.  Once granted passports these unfortunate people will have the right to settle in any country within the EU which may be desirable but the process is hardly democratic.

Your’s faithfully,

David Ramsbotham
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