What an unimaginative bunch we were!

What an unimaginative lot we were, before the EU opened our eyes to the world of fine culture! Before we joined the EU, all we could fathom were The Beatles, Rolling Stones, William Shakespeare, Benjamin Britten, Edward Elgar … you get the point.
I’m writing of course to refute the ridiculous letter from Benedict Cumberbatch, Dominic West and others that the UK “ is more imaginative and more creative” inside the EU. Obviously, no one listened to the drivel we pumped out before we joined the EU; no one read our paltry excuses for novels or plays, nor did they see our movies or television series.
As with most things, what this really comes down to is money. “many of us have worked on projects that would never have happened without vital EU funding”. But when we pay £350m gross, or £190m net, to the EU, surely we should vote to leave, and pump some of that money into our strong, original British culture.

Jack Smith
14 Valley Way
NR21 8PH