re: WAR if UK leaves the EU


I am afraid the support for the EU from Mr Harris (Issue 350) puts forward an argument only one step short of the Prime Minister’s ludicrous, indeed hysterical, suggestion that Britain leaving the EU would lead to war.

Everyone knows that it is NATO, not the EU, that has kept the peace in Europe on the simple basis that any attack on one member of NATO would be regarded as an attack on all. Far from stimulating peace, the EU’s policy on a variety of issues has actually led to unrest within many EU member states. Indeed, Mr Harris himself touches upon this point. Most notable is the EU’s treatment of the Greek nation and the resultant civil disorder there.

I would add one further point in the wider debate. The “remain” camp say that leaving the EU would be a leap in the dark. Is not remaining also a leap in the dark? Who can tell us, with certainty, what the EU will look like in three years, or even one year? Voting to remain is not voting for the status quo. It is voting to endorse the remorseless march of the unelected and the unaccountable. I, for one, want none of it!

Yours sincerely

Julian Foster

9 Rowan Way
NR25 6TZ