How could one obtain a fake EU passport?

stuart agnewI have often wondered what it would cost to obtain a fake EU passport, or if it was possible at all.

A little “bit” of research has shown that Bitcoin is the currency of this trade.

An Italian passport costs 7.812093 Bitcoin, or £2429.56.
The Lithuanian model will set you back 10.0171 Bitcoin or £ 3115.33.
A Danish job is a snip at 5.11463 Bitcoin or £ 1590.64. Perhaps there is more than one supplier.
Meanwhile over in Latvia they are a rock bottom 4.447508 Bitcoin or £553.26.

For people living outside the EU, this looks a first class investment, because although no British passport trade was discovered, any of these manufactured little red books are indeed a passport to the UK.
An investigative journalist might like to enter the market to verify it, and also to try to discover the volume traded.

Stuart Agnew MEP