TTIP has “lots of risks and no benefit” to the UK.

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Well this one wasn’t reported much! 

After a freedom of information act request from Global Justice Now, the government has been forced to release an assessment on the risks of TTIP to the UK. It found that TTIP would have limited political and economic benefits and may result in “meaningful economic costs in the UK”. See the full report below, or click here for a PDF.

This report was wrote in 2013, but has only been reported in the last week, and it is catastrophic for the government’s hopes of getting TTIP agreed before the end of the year. They’re relying on lots of people not knowing about the real impact of this deal.

Leading independent barrister and EU specialist, Michael Bowsher QC, was commissioned by Unite the Union to produce a legal opinion on the potential impact of TTIP on the NHS. In his advice he said that TTIP poses a “real and serious risk” to the NHS. He’s said that if the deal goes ahead as it is, privatisation of our NHS could be irreversible. A full copy of the advice can be found here.

There is only one way to stop this damaging deal being implemented, and to save our NHS. That is to vote to Leave the European Union on June 23rd.