Anyone with respect for the Queen should Vote Leave


The independent Labour Peer, Lord Stoddart of Swindon has taken exception to David Cameron’s eulogising Her Majesty the Queen on the sovereign’s 90th birthday, while he is simultaneously leading a campaign to abolish Britain as a nation state.

Lord Stoddart said:  “It is the most nauseating hypocrisy for the Prime Minister and other political leaders to eulogise Her Majesty on the occasion of Her 90th birthday while, simultaneously, organising a national and international lobby to bounce the British people into voting to remain in the European Union at the referendum on 23rd June.  This is an organisation, whose policy it is to abolish nation states, including Her Majesty’s own realm.

“They have already made Her Majesty a citizen of the European Union without consulting her.  Anyone with genuine respect for the Queen should vote to leave, which will protect her and our country from the EU’s aggressive empire building.”

National sovereignty and my support of our head of State, The Queen, is why I have campaigned for so long to leave the EU. This decision transcends the economic process.

Yours faithfully,

UKIP Councillor Michael Baker

Holt Division
Church Farm
West Beckham