Whom do you believe, and trust?

Patrick Minford.jpgSir,

George Osborne has calculated that leaving the EU would cost us all around £4,300 per annum in extra taxation and losses incurred by no longer being ‘in the club’.

Professor of Economics Patrick Minford has also been looking to see the effects of leaving the EU.

Professor Minford, in his book “Should Britain leave the EU?” published by the highly respected Institute of Economic Affairs calculates that the true benefit to the UK of leaving the EU is that we would be better off by £9,200 per household per year. He has taken into account things only possible outside of the EU such as reduced regulation, lower energy prices, removing the Common External Tariff and setting up our own trade deals around the world (currently prohibited by the Treaty of Rome), none of which appears to have been considered by George Osborne.

The question is “Who do you believe”? Professor Minford and the Institute of Economic Affairs, or the man who had to admit he’d got his 2016 budget wrong and had to rewrite an important part of it a few days later?

Yours faithfully,

UKIP Councillor Michael Baker

Holt Division
Church Farm
West Beckham