Dodgy dossier is becoming a tool of government..


It appears that the “the dodgy dossier” is becoming a tool of government. The latest, the government’s desperate attempt to keep us in political union with Europe, contains no facts. It is a mass of hopes, opinions and in some cases claims, we control our own borders, which border upon lies. It omits to tell us that in addition to 3 million jobs being linked to EU exports that 5 million EU jobs are linked to exports to the UK. It tells us that some household goods would risk being more expensive, what about those that would be cheaper with less red tape? It says nothing of our country finally losing its sovereignty.

This booklet is an insult to the electors of the United Kingdom and a grave misuse of public money. It is also a further assault on our democracy.

Yours faithfully

Michael Baker
UKIP Councillor

Holt Division
Church Farm, West Beckham