Pie in the Sky



If a vote to leave the European Union is a “leap into the dark” a vote to remain must be “pie in the sky”. David Cameron is now advocating that we should remain in a reformed EU which he failed to reform. If the EU failed to listen to him with the threat of our withdrawal hanging over it what chance is there of any influence or reform in the future?  The position of the Labour party is even worse – it is suggesting that we should vote for an EU which does not exist and is very unlikely to manifest itself for many years to come, if ever.

For me a “leap into the dark” is the better option.  At least that way I know that I will be living in a democratic and proud country where I will, along with my fellow British citizens, have the freedom to control our own destiny.

Yours faithfully,
David Ramsbotham
UKIP County Councillor
Melton Constable Division
Walnut Farm
Church Street
Norfolk, NR11 7LG