Reaction from Chairman


There is also a Petition opposing the spend, click here to sign.
Letter from Jack Smith follows: 


I must admit myself gobsmacked. The Govt is to spend a reported £9.3m on a leaflet, which we can expect through our doors next week.

The misleading and inaccurate leaflet will outline arguments to Remain in the EU. This would be fine, if it weren’t that me, your readers and every other taxpayer is footing the bill.

There are so many things this money should have been spent on instead. £9.3million could be used to for roughly 183 mental health nurses. This includes salary, qualifications, overhead costs and offsite visits. While the designated Leave and Remain Campaign will have a £7million limit and a grant of £600,000 each, the Leave Campaign does not have a tap into seemingly limited amounts of Taxpayer money.

This move is unforgivable, and should highlight to the public the establishment’s determination to keep us in, regardless of the cost.


Jack Smith
UKIP North Norfolk Chairman & Young Independence National Treasurer

14 Valley Way
NR21 8PH