We Demand a Referendum!

East Anglia Devolution

The Committee have voted to let you know about the following Petition on the Parliament’s website: “Withdraw Proposals for a Devolved East Anglia, i.e. Cambs, Norfolk and Suffolk.

We feel that the need for a referendum on changing the way our County, Region and ultimately all of us are governed, is paramount. Also public consultation is essential. This petition basically asked for the withdrawal of the proposal “until such time as due consultation and a referendum have been held”.

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As Paul Bullen, leader of the UKIP group in Cambridgeshire County Council says “We are supposed to be moving towards localism but this deal is more centralisation, this is one person to govern across three counties. This isn’t devolving powers to local people and that is the big problem.” [1]

[1] Hunts Post – Published 06/04/16