Statement from Branch Chairman, Jack Smith

Dear all,
The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived and the starting pistol has been fired. For 20 years we in UKIP have fought for an in/out EU referendum and, at long last, our hour has come.

It’s only because of you, and tens of thousands of UKIP members and supporters like you, that David Cameron was forced to give us this opportunity. Now we know when it will be – Thursday 23 June 2016.

Even with David Cameron’s reforms we do not have restored powers to police and control our borders. The EU Courts still have supremacy over our own British Laws.

The deal makes it harder to block EU Laws. Where before we needed a third of member states national parliaments support, now it’s 55%. Let us also not forget that the EU recently announced it is planning a new treaty, which will transfer more powers to Brussels including Company law, social security, property rights and taxation [source].

How can David Cameron justify this and say “If I could get these terms for British membership I would opt in to the European Union”?

Because we can neither elect or dismiss the lawmakers of the EU (the European Commission), we are effectively not living in a democracy, but under a tyranny.

Now is the time for all of us to fight to get our country and freedoms back.

In March we’ve got a Grassroots Out (GO) Taskforce launch event in Norwich. Here we will be learning about when and where the efforts will be starting. I urge you to come along! The event will be starting at 10:30am on the 13th March at the Mercure Norwich Hotel, 121-131 Boundary Road, Norwich NR3 2BA. You can RSVP by emailing

This really is it, and I’m buzzing to get started, and to Vote Leave.

Kindest Regards,

Jack Smith
Chairman UKIP North Norfolk Branch
07500 007609