A Common Sense Approach To The Northern Distributor Road [NDR]

Dear Sir,

Over the past 10 years or so the Northern Distributor Road [NDR] appears to have developed a momentum and a life of its own resulting in a road to nowhere but all is not lost. Although work is about to start on this “white elephant” the opportunity is still there to revise the route and make sense of this project.

This can be achieved by postponing all construction work to the west of the airport for the time being. This would encourage all traffic to turn east to access the A47 for many years [until the road becomes congested by traffic generated by the new housing] and stop the rat running through the villages to the west of the city. If the anticipated mass house building does not materialise [because of the lack of demand following our withdrawal from the EU and/or by controlling immigration] nothing more needs to be done.

If the expected development materialises the Community Infrastructure Levy [CIL] generated could then be used [rather than borrowed now] to develop the road to the west. By this time the planned link with the A47 across the Wensum valley should have been finalised with the current NDR westerm route realigned accordingly to create a sensible road. Hopefully more Government funding will be available by then releasing the CIL of £40m to fund other much needed infrastructure for the area.

Yours faithfully,

David Ramsbotham
UKIP County Councillor

Melton Constable Division
Walnut Farm