NDR a road of national importance? Treat it as such.

Dear Sir,

Could one of our local Conservative MPs please explain why central Government is prepared to designate the NDR as a road of national importance but is unprepared to fund it in its entirety. This “road to nowhere” is already costing Norfolk taxpayers £70m and will no doubt become “the road to ruin” as the costs escalate, the 30,000 promised jobs fail to materialise and the 15,000 houses only attract buy to let speculators and people who are relatively or completely economically inactive – the latter putting further strain on our services whilst adding little to the local economy.

There is also the question of who is going to fund the missing link to the A47 in the west and all the necessary infrastructure throughout the Joint Core Strategy area [Norwich, Broadland and South Norfolk] when already £40m of the anticipated Community Infrastructure Levy of £72m has been allocated to this road. I fear that this vanity project will be of little benefit to the current population of Norfolk or their way of life and that we should now all prepare ourselves for many more years of austerity and service cuts.

Why central government supported this road is a mystery to me when the money could have been used to improve the A47 which would have been of real economic benefit to the whole of Norfolk.

Yours faithfully,

David Ramsbotham
UKIP County Councillor

Melton Constable Division