Wind Turbines in North Norfolk

87-12681332789SQ8Dear Sir,

I am surprised that the NNN [30 April] continues to give the proposals for wind turbines free publicity by quoting the alleged advantages of these industrial units and the dubious local benefits of renewable energy. This is despite the democratic process which clearly indicates that the people and their elected representatives do not want these structures in North Norfolk.

No mention is ever made of the higher cost of green energy which is driving more consumers into fuel poverty or the £250,000 per annum net profit, index linked for 25 years, that the developer will make from just one of these monstrosities. Then there is the cost to the District Council and the council tax paper for processing these endless applications and appeals. Why are these facts never brought to the public’s attention?

Yours faithfully,

David Ramsbotham
UKIP County Councillor

Melton Constable Division