Population Density of the UK

Dear Sir,

It’s good to see that the other main political parties have at last acknowledged that we are the most densely populated country in Europe and we simply do not have the space or infrastructure to cope with the current level of net immigration. However, when adopting their “knee jerk” reactions to this problem [just to secure votes] have they ever considered the consequences of what they are proposing? For example, do they really believe that restricting benefits will stop immigrants coming to the UK?

A parallel case can be seen in South Africa. No benefits are provided there but still economic migrants arrive from all over the continent in the hope of improving their lives. This results in overcrowded housing, squatter camps, begging, widespread crime, exploitation and social unrest. Surely we need to control immigration and our borders properly if we are to avoid the possibility of a similar situation occurring here.

Yours faithfully,

David Ramsbotham
UKIP County Councillor

Melton Constable Division