There will be no North Norfolk branch meeting in December.

The next meeting will be the A.G.M. on 17th January 2019.


Letter to the EDP

Dear Sir,

Geoff Brace [letters 9 November] did not fully respond to the main point of my letter but instead has used it as an opportunity to repeat all the normal propaganda put forward by remainers.  The issue is no longer about the EU but whether we actually live in the democracy for which our heroic forefathers sacrificed their lives in two world wars.  I fear that if the Brexit vote is overturned by the establishment and its cronies the respect which people have for democracy and their elected representatives will be destroyed for years to come.  The message it sends to younger generations also leaves a lot to be desired.

Yours faithfully,

David Ramsbotham

U-turn would be a disgrace

Dear Sir,

With Armistice Day approaching is it not disrespectful and hypocritical that the Establishment and its puppets are prepared to sacrifice our independence, freedom and democracy for their own financial gain by overturning the people’s vote regarding Brexit when these are exactly the same principles for which our forefathers fought and gave their lives in two world wars?   I despair and wonder if the ordinary people who voted to remain in the EU, many who lost ancestors in these conflicts, actually understand the ramifications of what is being plotted.

Yours faithfully,

David Ramsbotham

Eastern Daily Press – Published 7 November 2018



Brexiter challenges remainers to publicly debate him on the hottest issue of the day

A passionate north Norfolk Brexit supporter has challenged anyone in favour of the UK staying in the European Union to a public debate.

Steven de la Salle, of Sheringham, said he was tired of “ridiculously negative letters from EU supporters” appearing in the press.

Mr de la Salle said: “The comment last week about a vote to leave being a vote for unemployment is disgraceful. In fact, we now have record employment in the UK.”

The Ukip member said he wanted to publicly debate anyone in favour of the UK staying in the EU: “no matter if Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem or Green”, and suggested holding the event in a community centre in Sheringham or Cromer.

Mr de la Salle said members of the public would be invited to attend and ask questions.

Anyone interested in taking part in the debate can email him at

Eastern Daily Press

£50 star letter in the Sun

We are a great country. Politicians should stop talking us down. The future outside this dying EU project will be bright.

Let’s offer the EU a free trade deal or fall back on World Trade Organisation terms.

But if we instead opt for a “Canada plus” deal – in other words, a better EU trade deal than Canada has – I suppose we could export Bank of England governor Mark Carney as a bonus? A win-win situation then!

Steven de la Salle

The Sun – Published 19 September 2018